Fox-Future Education Fund

Creating sustainable impactful change to education in Africa

Help Educate Africa's Children

How our

Schooling works

This is how we help students all over the nation

School/Hall/Room/Church/Physical space with a roof is selected in a rural village.

A Satellite with Solar Power is established close to the facility.

Funds raised are utilized for:

  • Covering online education tuition fees
  • Infrastructure, satellite, solar and security camera costs
  • Data
  • Laptop/tablet

Children are chosen in the rural villages to join the online school.

The quantity of children onboarded is dependent on the value of funds raised.

Classrooms consist of multiple grades of pupils all learning at the same time.

A facilitator is placed in the classroom to monitor the students.

Online education allows learning to continue in the same manner it would for a privileged child in an Urban area with unlimited resources.

FOX-FUTURE’S audacious goal is for the learning facilities to become a hive of learning for the whole community. Where students will be taught online during the day, adult classes at night, and university students can access online courses and material catering for remedial learning, thereby fully maximising the facility. The goal would be for the facility to be in use 24/7 to the community, in so doing creating a safe place for the youth to go to any time during the day and night.

Community involvement is at the center of the initiative, right from selecting a suitable physical structure, to the selection of the curriculum and students.

We also hope to create employment opportunities for facilitators who will need to guide the students through the selected curriculum.

Our Goals & Objectives

Infrastructure Installation