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Who Is Fox-Future Education Fund

Warwick Blamey, the founder of the Fox-Future education fund, travels extensively throughout Africa. He was continually shocked and disheartened at the complete lack of and poor quality of education in the villages he encountered. It sparked in him the need to make a change and in 2021 he founded Fox-Future. The question that kept popping up was “why in this day of technology can’t a disadvantaged child in rural Africa receive a world-class education similar to children in 1st world countries?”

Fox-Future is a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to addressing the challenging conditions surrounding quality access to education in Africa through the medium of online schooling.

Fox-Future’s goal is not only to provide access to schooling to remote areas that previously did not have this but also to be an interactive digital learning space for the whole community.

Through donations into our professionally managed fund, we are connecting students that would otherwise not have access to education, and who would not have the opportunity to complete or start their schooling careers.

How We

Make it work?

  1. Any viable and workable facility, is selected in a rural village.
  2. A Satellite with Solar Power is established close to the facility.
  3. Funds raised are utilized for:
  • Covering online education tuition fees:
  • Infrastructure, satellite, solar and security camera costs
  • Data costs
  • Laptop/tablet costs
  1. Children are selected in the rural villages to join the online school.
  2. The number of children onboarded is dependent on the value of funds raised.
  3. Classrooms consist of multiple grades of pupils all learning at the same time, by the use of headsets eliminating the surrounding noise.
  4. A facilitator is placed in the classroom to monitor the students.
  5. Online education allows learning to continue in the same manner that it would for a privileged child in an Urban area with unlimited resources.

How We

Make it work?

How Do the

satellite work?

Fox-Future “OWLS”

Warwick Blamey

Warwick Blamey

Warwick started his career at Invicta Holdings before moving into private equity, then investments where he was head analyst at a leading asset management house before moving to SA. He was a partner of UK based BCMS Corporate where he was a deal maker in their M&A division focusing on Sub Saharan Africa. Warwick’s expertise is focused on investments in agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, and services industries, where he has been involved in various transactions over the past decade. Warwick holds a BCOM and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

Cara Hankinson

Cara Hankinson

After finishing her BCOM in Economics, Cara joined Mr Price Home in 2013 as a junior Resourcer, where she got a taste of product development and the shipping industry. She knew that she wanted to explore the financial world further and in 2015 she joined Investec Private Bank as a Private Banker. While working at the Bank she completed her MBA through the University of Edinburgh. Her work and studies have helped her find her calling to want to help others. Her dream is to use the skills she has acquired to make a difference.

Adrian Knowles

Adrian Knowles

Adrian is a born visionary with a strategic outlook in the information technology and services industry.

Adrian founded the entity, the satellite implementing partner, and developed the unique solution to enable data to be transmitted to the underserviced remote areas of Africa, allowing the Fox Future students to be educated via online means.

Foxfin Financial Services

12J Venture Capital Fund

Manage 7 niche private equity funds

Registered with the South African FSCA

12 businesses within the group

Foxvest Group – Social Responsibility

‘Fox-Future Education Fund’ forms part of the Foxvest Group’s social arm.

Fox-Future utilizes current resources within the group to ‘give back’ to disadvantaged communities

Foxvest Group –

Track Record

Fox-Future forms part of the Foxvest Group, who are an integrated financial services provider operating within Sub Saharan Africa. Foxvest Group have a strong track record in fund management and portfolio business.


LIV School Durban

We at LIV Durban would like to say a massive thank you to you for your partnership in setting up LIV School Durban as an online school. It is a big change for us all, but one that we believe will hugely benefit our children and students.

Sine & Mary, Teachers at LIV School

What a wonderful opportunity to be part of pioneering online schooling at LIV. Everyday has been a learning curve for both staff and students.

Our role is primarily to encourage and motivate students to do their best while assisting them with technical difficulties, classwork as well as completing tasks and ensuring that students have all resources and equipment they need to make their online journey a success. I am truly amazed at the talent, creativity and potential of each student. Teneo School is a great tool that helps to shape and mould these future leaders.

The freedom and access Teneo School offer to a wide variety of subjects enables this group to have the opportunity to follow any career of their choice. Our students have the ability to connect with other students nationwide and over 480 teachers that are dedicated to helping our learners thrive in their studies. We are so excited to see where this new venture leads them and are thankful for your continuing support.

Zothile, Grade 10, Student at LIV School

I am short of words to express my gratitude about joining Teneo School. But first I really want to mention that it has opened doors for me education wise, something I didn’t have before I joined Teneo School when I was in Grade 9. I knew that when going into Grade 10 the subjects I had available to me were only 3 subjects that all the previous FET phases did, which were tourism, business studies and computer application because of the scarcity of teachers. It wasn’t so nice to have all that in mind, but then this wonderful opportunity to do online learning came around unexpectedly, which was really mind blowing because we were not only going to be part of a different school but we finally had an opportunity that most of the previous matrics wanted for quite a long time which was to choose the subjects we wanted and that we thought will help us in the future.

Teneo School is a really wonderful work space that is very warm, welcoming and nice to be part of. Joining Teneo School has made me wake up everyday and remind myself that I’ve got a goal to reach since I know where I came from and God keeps on working His wonders.

Ziyanda, Grade 7, Student at LIV School

When I got this opportunity of doing online school it really made me happy because when I told my friends and family about what I wanted to be when I grow up, they said I can’t because LIV School had a lack of subjects. Then I got the Teneo opportunity, and it raised my hopes. It gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and I am extremely grateful. At Teneo School I feel like I can do and achieve anything.

When I am done with school, I want to be a doctor or a vet specifically because I want to help people like I was helped. Being in Teneo means I can get access to the subjects I need, which I didn’t have in traditional school.

Some of the best things about Teneo are that I get to communicate with and know people from all over the world. There are a lot of online activities I can do so I do not get bored.

Thank you for this opportunity!!!

Sinothando, Grade 10, Student at LIV School

Teneo School gave me the opportunity to choose what subjects I wanted to do. I never thought I would be the first child at LIV School to do Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Accounting. But being at Teneo School is like a dream come true. Teneo School doesn’t only offer subject choices, but it also offers extra murals for kids to do what they enjoy doing during their free time. I was one of the privileged kids to do what I enjoy doing. Teneo School gave me an opportunity and a privilege to join debate, to improve my debate skills and my listening skill. It is indeed a great opportunity and an amazing chance to be part of Teneo School.