Online Schooling
FOX-Future Fund

This is how our online schooling program works


Our Education Model

Our model comprises of 5 parts.

Online Education

We are connecting students that would not otherwise have access to education with the opportunity to complete/start their schooling careers (through donations) into our professionally managed fund.

By going with an online learning platform, all students, no matter their wealth will have access to the same quality of education.

The students are not prejudiced or excluded for having remedial or physical disadvantages. It is a fully inclusive platform for everyone.

The Venue

A community partner is selected, be it a village or local charity organization. It must be situated where there is a need for access to schooling.

A physical space is then identified to suit the needs for each individual partnership.

The space will then be fitted with all digital and electrical requirements.


Satellites are utilized for transmitting data to the most remote parts of Africa, allowing children to be educated online who would not have access to high levels of education. It has taken us three years to perfect the technology.


Solar panels are utilized to power the satellites and data boxes. Power is also fed to the classrooms to enable power and charge devices.


Cameras are placed on the satellite’s dish for security purposes and are monitored by a central control room.

How would a student integrate into the online school


Understanding where a student fits into the schooling system is critical. Students will therefore need to be assessed before deciding what grade they will need to be registered for. We also hope to be able to offer remedial classes for students in need of alternative teaching methods.

Choosing the right partners for our online schooling was critical. We wanted to ensure that the best options for students were available no matter which country they completed their studies in.